Equitel Controls 1.9% Mobile Market Share as Safaricom & Airtel Register Declines


According to the CAK quarterly data, Equitel has been able to acquire  1.9% by registering 665,661 mobile subscribers. In an update issued during the official launch, Equity bank said they had been able to acquire 1 Million customers with 65% active, representing the 650,000 subscribers figured issued by CA. During the period, Equitel had an on-net traffic of 2.3 million minutes.  Last month, Equity officially launched its Mobile virtual network. MNVOs basically mean a mobile carrier can come in and lease infrastructure and go straight into business. New mobile carriers utilize excess capacity on the 3G and 2G sites of mobile carriers. In Kenya’s case Airtel is the bus providing capacity to the MVNOs who include Equity Bank’s Equitel. Airtel has for quite sometime had up-to 40% of their capacity unutilized and this makes a good case for them to wholesale Base Transmitter Station (BTS) capacity.

Safaricom was the leading mobile network operator with 67.1% followed by Airtel Kenya with 20.2%. Telkom Kenya has 10.8% with Equitel at 1.9%. Over the same period, internet subscriptions grew to 18.8 million from 16.3 million which represented a 14% growth. This saw the number of internet subscribers rise to 26.1 million meaning 71% of the population had access to the internet in that quarter.
Source: Techweez, 4th August 2015