DiViNetworks Introducing DiViPipe Solution To Enhance ISP Revenue Generation


Solution Enables Enterprises to Guarantee and Prioritize Network Bandwidth

3 August 2015: Tel Aviv DiViNetworks, the provider of network optimization and data delivery solutions for Internet and telecom markets, today introduced its DiViPipe Internet Traffic Delivery and Management Solution. Specifically addressing the growing competition in the ISP markets over corporate accounts, DiViNetworks' patented innovative technology increases monetization on existing network infrastructure. With DiViPipe, ISPs, telecoms and infrastructure network providers, enable premium customers to classify, prioritize and distinguish cloud applications while guaranteeing bandwidth and meeting SLAs. With the new offering, DiViNetworks arms its customers with the competitive advantage for generating new revenue streams.

Eyal Copitt, DiViNetworks' CCO stated, "The genius of DiViPipe comes from its ease of use and its ability to take latent revenue and create actual new income. It is cost-effective for ISPs and cuts costs for corporate customers while providing them with more. Users can define and configure bandwidth allocation within minutes without needing the assistance of an entire IT department or their provider. This is an excellent solution for ISPs around the world, and because it is a NaaS based software solution, it runs as an OPEX service and is completely scalable."

Copitt continued, "DiViPipe provides a powerful, easy to use interface for ISPs' corporate and enterprise customers to manage their guaranteed pipes all the way to the cloud. This self-provisioning aspect allows them to monitor their network, enforce internal usage policies and prioritize applications and usage."

DiViPipe extends the operator's customers control over the network. Being Cloud-based network infrastructure, the platform provides access to PoPs at major Internet Exchangesin 5 continents. With a corporate dashboard for visibility into data traffic composition, the solution adds flexible policy definitions â set by the customer â that allows them to handle all elements of traffic management and dedicate bandwidth for cloud services.DiViPipe is enabled over the DiViCloud DDN (Data Delivery Network) platform which requires no CapEx investment and is effortlessly operated via a simple corporate desktop application.
Source: Virtual Strategy 3rd August 2015