Bicycle Phone Charger Launched in Uganda

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The locally designed charging system is aimed at mostly helping people in villages, where there is no electricity, to have easy access to charging services.

This is another innovation that has seen the bicycle take on more roles than just being ridden.

Eng. Asasira Buga, the Chief Engineer of Bugatech, a mobile phone repairing company and Mr Goddie Odongkara, a city businessman, unveiled the system in Kampala.

They said the system named 'Mobile power' comprises of a dynamo (power source for the light of a bicycle), power accumulator and circuits where car chargers of 'any type of phone' are plugged to charge.

"After moving throughout the country, I discovered that many people in rural areas do not buy mobile telephones due to lack of charging systems. But the idea will increase mobile telephone use among people," Mr Odongkara, who initiated the idea said.

He said the system that can charge eight phones per hour of riding a bicycle would cost bicycle owners Shs65,000.

"The mobile power stores energy in its power accumulator that can charge more phones for another 30 minutes. This is business to phone chargers and telecommunication companies in terms of airtime and connections," Eng Asasira said.

Eng. Asasira and Mr Odongkara have appealed for support and partners to enable them fund the production of more machines for market.

"We want telecommunication companies and other development partners both local and international to join us to develop this work to an advanced level for the good of our country," Eng. Asasira said.

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