Computer Access Motivates Learners in Namibia


Learners at the Moses van der Byl Primary School in Katutura says they feel motivated and eager to learn now that they have access to computers after the school received 31 computers from the Director of the Namibian San Development Organisation (NSDO), Jersey Katjimune, last week.
Teachers and pupils could hardly hide their excitement, as some of the learners had never used a computer before and therefore were very much hyped-up to sit in their computer laboratory for the first time.
One of the learners at the school, Chevonne Sande, a first-time computer user, said this donation would be beneficial to learners like herself, who never touched a computer before and hoped to learn a lot from it. "I just saw people working on it and I would like to work on it as well. I want to learn how to download things and to type my homework on it," Sande says.
Learner Salom Simuku says the fact that the school now has computers for use by the learners excites him. "It feels good. We never used to have computer lessons at school, but now doing homework and assignments will be easier. I'm looking forward to learn a lot, as Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is essential, especially when we finish school," says Simasiku.
Principal Clara Basson hopes that the donation will expose learners to a wealth of information and the vast possibilities it offers and believes the donated computers will have a positive impact on the school. "This will improve our students' learning ability and will creates an inviting environment. Our sponsors did not just effect change today but many years into the future," she says.
Some of the objectives of the computer lab include encouraging computer literacy among pupils, developing research skills among learners at a young age, as well as alerting learners to the importance of ICT.
Source: New Era 12th August 2015