Computing – In brief


Kenyan startups can now submit their app development ideas for the Orange API AMEA (African, Middle East and Asian Countries) Developer Challenge. This competition will see startups submit their proposals that must demonstrate the use of existing Orange APIs (SMS, USSD and Operator billing) in the apps' development. Startups from 14 African and Middle East countries including Kenya, Tunisia, Jordan, Mali, Botswana and Guinea Bissau will participate. They will also compete with startups from France who are renowned for unique designs and development of new services for users in their region. "The Orange Developer Challenge is a platform that will give startups the opportunity to harness their skills and present to the rest of the world game changing ideas and products," says Lobry. The Orange Developer Challenge will be preceded by local chapters of the same in all AMEA countries, with ten ideas being shortlisted for the global competition. The deadline for the local selections is September 15, 2015.

Nigeria's eCommerce space continues to grow, with the launch of in Lagos last week, which is another online platform for the sale of every kind of used items that could be personal, office or household. Some basic features about, which makes it unique from existing online trading platforms for used items, is that it comes with authentic verification of the items to be sold as well as the seller who is selling the items. The reason for this was to make the platform secure and reliable for genuine business. Another added feature is the delivery system is that an intending buyer develops interest in buying a used item or items displayed on the online platform of, and the buyer has difficulties in reaching out to the seller at a particular location, the staff of will be available to take the item from the seller to the buyer, collect the money on behalf of the seller and return same to the seller free of service charge.