Viettel's Lumitel signs up 10th of Burundian population


Lumitel, Viettel Group's mobile operator in Burundi, has signed up 1 million subscribers, or 10 per cent of the African country's population, in the four months since it began operations.

Since Burundi is one of the poorest nations in the world, this is a significant result, a Viettel spokesperson said.

Lumitel has also achieved the fastest growth of all Viettel operations in foreign markets.

It is focusing on 3G services right from the outset and has 800 base transceiver stations, more than that of all its rivals put together.

Lumitel is also a pioneer in offering promotional packages for calling, messaging, and internet services.

The military-owned Viettel's turnover from foreign markets rose by a quarter last year to US$1.2 billion, while profits were up 32 per cent at $156 million.

The group expects to recoup 80 per cent of the $600 million that it has invested overseas by the end of this year.

Viettel also plans to enter the Democratic Republic of Congo (population of 75 million), Colombia (40 million) and Myanmar (55 million) this year.
Source: Vietnamnet 13 August 2015