Kenya Open Data Portal Hits 44 Million Page Views


The Kenya Open Data portal has announced today that it has hit over 44 million page reviews since its launch 4 years ago.

This was announced by Linet Kwamboka , Open Data Project Co-ordinator as they marked their fourth anniversary with a launch of its Open Data version 2.0 website which will make core government developmental, demographic, statistical and expenditure data available in a useful digital format for researchers, policymakers, ICT developers and the general public.

"There has been over 44 million page views since the portal launched making the portal one of the highest and most accessed government site. There have been 2.6 million actual interactions with the data - downloads and embeds," said Kwamboka.

Making government information available in this way promotes the development of useful "apps" based on the data, encourages researchers and watchdog groups to use the data to make suggestions for improving government and life of Kenyans, and makes state agencies more efficient by allowing access to information.

Congratulating the Kenya Open Data team, Victor Kyalo CEO ICT Authority also said," We got a lot of critics a few years back as many thought that the Open Data was a failed project, but then we were in an incubation period and during the same period we have really grown in provision of data from different Government entities. It is easy to do a lot of things once you get comfortable with data. We plan to launch the Open Data version 2.0 in various phases to different people as we also allow the team to make enhancements where needed. "
Source: CIO East Africa 18 August 2015