Africa: 4G-LTE has been launched in 24 countries!


Industry professionals have heard that 4G-LTE services have been launched in some African countries, but very few people know exactly where and who are the operators who have launched.

On the African continent, 4G-LTE has been launched in 24 countries. This is what emerges from the latest report update from Balancing Act on '4G in Africa' , updated August 27, 2015.

To supplement this information, deployment projects of 4G-LTE in Africa were announced by 103 operators in 35 countries. This also means that other operators present in 11 countries will launch 4G services in the coming years.

Ultimately, 4G will be deployed in about fifty countries within 5 years. As in other populated areas of the world, Africas begin to access broadband Internet and can now take advantage of cloud services, smart TV, VoD, IPTV and WebTV.

Source: Balancing Act, 27 August 2015