Kenya: Google Launches Service to Streamline Nairobi Public Transport


Google has launched a new service that maps out all gazetted bus stops in Nairobi, amid efforts to streamline public transport in the city.

The launch of Google Transit update to Google Maps makes Nairobi the third African city with the service after Lagos and Johannesburg, said country programs manager Evans Arabu.

Speaking at the event on Wednesday, Arabu noted that this is despite Kenya's semi-formal transport sector.

"Nairobi joins more that 2,800 other cities and towns across the globe with the service. The city as yet has no traffic information and the time schedules are tentative," he said.

The upgrade that has taken three years to develop was done in collaboration with Google, Digital Matatus and the Rockefeller foundation.

Country manager Charles Murito added that the launch is part of efforts to make Google Maps more comprehensive, accurate and useful for public transport users.
Source: The Star 24 August 2015