Browse, Pay and Pick Up with PriceCheck

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Mobile commerce is the future of product discovery and purchasing in South Africa and PriceCheck, together with SnapScan and Pargo, are leading the way. By combining these services, PriceCheck now provides the ability to find, buy and deliver products from offline product catalogues, right from your mobile phone.

Brick and mortar stores need no longer spend any resources on building websites, choosing payment gateways and delivery partners, instead, PriceCheck brings together all of these logistics in-house at a fraction of the cost. The biggest benefit of the new offering is its mobile-centric approach, as it puts the power in the hands of the people who matter, customers.

Shoppers will be able to browse for products from bricks and mortar retailers on PriceCheck’s mobile optimised catalogues before paying for their chosen products with SnapScan. While completing the SnapScan checkout process, instead of choosing a delivery address, shoppers will be prompted to select a Pargo collection point that is most convenient to them. From discovery to delivery, all with just a few taps on a phone.

With this PriceCheck has evolved to more than a price comparison site, but to a mobile market leader that functions as a truly useful and complete mobile shopping destination. South African shoppers still prefer to do their research online before purchasing products offline, however they can now fully step into the mobile arena to find what they need, pay and even decide on the most convenient delivery method. PriceCheck has positioned itself perfectly to marry offline stores and mobile shoppers, and in so doing leads the way in putting choice back in the hands of the consumer.

What is SnapScan?

SnapScan is a mobile payment system that connects with users’ debit or credit card and enables payments without the need for carrying cash. All that is needed is to install the app, submit the required details, and to choose a PIN. Users can then open the app, scan the barcode and follow the on screen prompts to complete the transaction. SnapScan makes use of the required 3D secure systems, and because users will be completing transactions on their smart devices, it’s also extremely safe and simple.

What is Pargo?

Online shoppers are all too aware of the logistical challenges when it comes to getting goods delivered on time and in one piece. Pargo specialises in negating such issues, by providing an ingenious solution that brings online purchases to selected pick up points near shoppers. It’s as easy as browsing for products online, buying said products, and selecting a Pargo pick-up point on checkout. Once completed, shoppers can sit back and wait for a confirmation that the parcel is ready for collection; this will take between 1 to 3 days.
Source: Press Release