Chams Mobile partners Skye bank to debut Nigeria’s first virtual VISA Card

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A virtual VISA card needs no account number nor any documentation to obtain it; it can be applied for and received online under 72 hours. It’s digital with an option for a physical card, there are no card fees and it can be used almost anywhere  VISA cards are accepted; and they are now available in Nigeria courtesy ChamsMobile and Skye bank

“It’s unique in that customers actually see an image of their card on their mobile phones, tablets and PCs, whereby all the essential features of a physical card are shown in its ‘Virtual form’; card number, expiry date and CVV number, for example” said, The Deputy Managing Director Chams Mobile, Mr. Gavin Young.

The payment solution delivered by Chams Mobile was developed in partnership with Bancore AS (as the mobile financial services processor) and Global Technology Partners (as the Visa prepaid card processor) and it’s expected to expand financial inclusion to millions of Nigerians by offering a low-cost mobile banking solution, as the card is issued free and linked to a broad range of financial services.

According to Mr. Young,  the cards use a One-Time-Password ‘Verified by Visa (VbyV)’ service that makes payment more secure and convenient, and every process, from application to receiving the card, can be done entirely online from a mobile phone, tablet or PC in under 15 minutes.
Source: 2 September 2015