Telecoms – In brief


The Mauritian competition commission has opened a case against mobile operators Emtel and Orange for abuse of dominant position, reports L'Express. The two will have to explain their price setting methods. Unlike some countries, such as South Africa, the Mauritian telecom market has no regulated price caps but allows operators to freely set their prices to attract as much traffic as they can on their networks. On-net calls are relatively low, which can give an unfair advantage to operators that already have large user bases. This is the first time the antitrust regulator takes interest in the duopoly of Emtel and Orange, with MTML as distant third.

Senegal’s telecoms regulator L’Autorite de Regulation des Telecoms et des Postes (ARTP) has launched mobile number portability (MNP), enabling the country’s consumers to retain their phone number if they switch wireless service provider. The transfer of a mobile number to a different operator is free of charge for consumers.