Malian Web Activists Finance Academic Support for Timbuktu Students


The Internet community in Timbuktu, Mali, has come up with a new IT project called ” Tombouctou” to support the academic system of a city under duress after the recent civil war.

The main aim of this US$1,000-project, which is being entirely financed by Malian web activists called Recam (The Association of Active Malian Citizens), is to offer a month of catch-up classes to end-of-year exam candidates from Timbuktu High School as well as to the student teachers from Timbuktu's Franco-Arabic teacher training institute Hégire of Timbuktu.

These private classes are not only intended to help the beneficiaries with exam preparation, but also to enable a higher exam pass rate in a town which, just like all the other towns in the north of Mali, is dealing with a major security crisis.
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Global Voices online 7 September 2015