M-BIRR mobile money transfer system launches in Ethiopia

Money Transfer

M-BIRR, a mobile money transfer system, has been launched in Ethiopia to operate local money transfer, according to The Reporter.

M-BIRR was established in 2012 by five partnering microfinance institutions working in Addis Ababa and four Regional States to extend services for clients.

M-BIRR uses mobile banking technologies and deliver services via any type of mobile phones.

M-BIRR gives services including money transfer and payments for distance education, payments for goods and services, payment for fuel at gas stations, payment for utility bills, subscription fees and solar energy service payments. Payrolls, pensions, grants or aid money transfers are also parts of the services M-BIRR delivers.

There are 1,000 branches and some hundred mobile banking agents that deliver the mobile money system.
Source: The Payers 16 September 2015