Mali left behind as African internet speeds surge forward


Throughout Bamako, Mali, internet office spaces sit idle. Customers can plug in their computers, make phone calls, and take advantage of the solar-powered electricity that’s not subject to blackouts, a common occurrence in the capital. The one thing they can’t do, however, is check their email.

“We had to shut down this year because we’re not able to provide internet connection for our co-workers. Besides that, the lack of bandwidth, this poor connection is not even working any more,” says Renaud Gaudin, the head of Jokkolabs Bamako, one of the internet open spaces in Mali’s capital.

“We can’t even ask people to come and work in an environment when they know they can’t even read their mails,” he says.

While Bamako is fighting to get into the 21st century, the average user can’t even update their website.
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Source: RFI
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