Robbed soccer team tracks down culprits with help from Google, police

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Johannesburg - A Bryanston soccer team was robbed during a training session on Monday evening - but with help from the police and Google the culprits were quickly tracked down. They got most of their goods back, except for some cash and their stolen soccer ball.

Now the Bryanston Warriors Football Club is setting up a friendly match with the Douglasdale police station to celebrate their success.

Coach, Dmitar Ristovic, told News24 on Wednesday the team were almost finished training at The Kings School fields at Bryanston Extension 8, Johannesburg on Monday night when their evening took a turn for the worse.

"At 20:10... two guys jumped the school fence from the highway. Most of us didn't notice this because we were focusing on the ball," Ristovic said.

"Our captain told me to look behind my right shoulder and I saw two guys wearing black hoodies and tracksuit pants heading with intent towards our bags and possessions... a couple of metres from us."

The men then stole their bags, clothes, wallets, car keys, a soccer ball and a soon-to-be-retrenched player's rent money. "They just walked away casually and jumped the fence to the highway," Ristovic said.

"The police and security came on the scene just before 20:30. We had two phones which were missed by the robbers. We had lost hope of recovering our possessions and the robbers being caught."

However, one of the team called his stolen phone and discovered the robbers had not turned it or any of the other phones off. Team member Jason Vicente realised his phone could be tracked through Googling "Find my phone".

"So [team member] Brett Jones accompanied the police officers, tracking them via his phone and after a quick chase they caught the robbers at an Engen garage in a taxi," Ristovic said.
Source: News 24 16 September 2015