FNB app active on 1.5m devices

Money Transfer

FNB expects more consumers to migrate from doing banking over the counter to banking digitally.

First National Bank (FNB) says its banking app is active on 1.5 million smart devices in SA.

FNB's latest annual results revealed the usage of the mobile banking app increased by 69%, as more of the bank's customers migrated to digital banking.

The growth in usage numbers is a good sign as it shows consumers are finding the tool useful because it enables them to bank from anywhere at any time, according to FNB.

"At the core of the FNB app is simplicity: it's easy to use and it's fast and secure; this is what we believe really sets FNB apart in the marketplace," FNB says.

According to FNB, its strategy has been to place the customer first; therefore all the functionalities on the app are designed to enhance the client's banking experience. Usability, safety and simplicity are important elements, it notes.

The bank says usage trends show the most popular transactions on the banking app are payments, account transfers and prepaid products. On average, the banking app customer logs in to the app 15 times per month, with a significant portion of customers logging in over 40 times a month, says FNB.
Source: ITWeb 23 September 2015