East Africa: Tanzania Set to Abolish Phone Roaming Costs


People travelling from Tanzania to other East African countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi, will no longer incur roaming charges when making or receiving calls across the borders.

The country is on course to jump aboard the East African Community (EAC)'s 'One Network Area,' which harmonises tariffs on voice calls and data charges within the EAC regional precinct.

The Director General of the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), Dr Ally Yahaya Simba, stated here that the proposed harmonisation of mobile call tariffs will significantly reduce roaming charges for calls originating from other EAC Partner States.

"That will come into effect as soon as existing telecommunications policies and regulations are revised and the process has already started," explained the TCRA boss. Dr Simba disclosed that first to be harmonised would be roaming charges on voice calls with data charges to follow promptly.
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