Women in Tech Africa launches database of Africa’s high-flying women in tech


Women in Tech Africa, the largest women in tech group in over 30 countries, has created a database of a cross section of its members and links to their LinkedIn profiles and tags of their specialties to help women in tech be found.

The Database is searchable by skill set, country and other details and is open to recruiters, chief executive officers, event organizers in Africa to find their next hire, next speaker or even their next board member online.

The database has already over 250 women highlighted and steadily working to grow the database to over 5000 women across all of Africa.

According to Ethel Cofie, co-founder Women in Tech Africa, “In many organizations, the excuse for not having women in senior management teams or women in the pipeline of people they interview for available positions is that cannot find qualified women for these positions. A large number of technology events usually have very few women speakers and the explanation is the same, we cannot find women in the area to invite to speak. Women in Tech Africa is solving this problem. Since we are the largest group of capable women in the technology industry, we are in a position to show case capable women in the industry who might not necessarily be visible.”

Women will help bring diversity at workplace to give them a broader range of ideas and insights to draw on, in decision making and policy development. Diversity makes good business sense. The group also believes a workplace that reflects the population will understand its clients better, which will lead to improved service. A diverse workplace will have good communication with its clients based on a deep understanding of the needs across the province.

Employee diversity leads to productive and fulfilling workplaces which help them attract and retain employees. This leads to savings in recruitment and training costs, as well as maintaining corporate knowledge and expertise as well as help them gain higher market share and a competitive edge in accessing new markets.
Source: Techmoran 24 September 2015