Balancing Act releases latest Mobile Financial Services in Sub-Saharan Africa: Industry Report (Sept. 2015)

Money Transfer

The explosion of mobile devices and internet connectivity has disrupted numerous industries due to changing consumer behavior and supplier value chains. Financial services, which have already experienced some disruptions through Square, PayPal, Kickstarter and others, are set to experience a significant shift as mobile devices become the most commonly used banking device, especially in developing markets. Balancing Act has produced a detailed report on the developing Mobile Financial Services market in Africa. The report contains three sections:

1. Consumer data, a sector’s description (the market, Mobile device penetration, key players : Operators, Banks, Devices and Aggregators ; services pictured on a Lumascape);

2. Industry trends and the evolution of adoption;

3. A directory of Companies and Services in the Mobile Financial Services Ecosystem sorted by service type.
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