Happy Independence Day Nigeria! Google joins celebrations with a Doodle


It’s exactly 55 years ago now since Nigeria got her independence from British colonial rule and became sovereign nation.

It’s been 55 long and difficult years plagued by a Civil War, insurgency and bouts of economic depression. Nevertheless we Nigerians have managed to remain some of the happiest people on earth, not just because we choose to be happy, but because there’s still so much of a bright future to look forward to. For that reason alone, there’s a reason to celebrate.

In regular fashion, Google joins Nigeria in her celebration with a doodle takeover of its homepage. A green eagle (symbolic of strength on the Nigerian coat of arms) is seen flying over the Google logo, which has been “Nigerianized” – it reflects the National colours of green and white; the second ‘o’ in Google depicts the confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue.

This Google Doodle is a creation of Google Doodler, Robinson Wood.
Source: Techpoint.ng