Guinean Bloggers Battle the Digital Divide and Threats to Free Speech

Digital Content

Well aware of the catastrophic situation in Guinea and the crucial role the Internet plays in the development of a nation, young Guineans have now decided to rise to the challenge, by getting together to blog online and spread this culture of blogging throughout their country.

They have started by providing greater exposure of their blogging activities as well as training up other potential bloggers. The group of bloggers organised their second #blogcamp day on May 23, 2015 after the first ‘Blogging Initiation Day’ took place in February 2011. This first blog camp aimed to promote citizen journalism in Guinea and it had as its slogan “Bloguons Ensemble” (“Let’s blog together”). Unfortunately, this first attempt did not give the bloggers the results they had hoped for. In fact, not one of the blogs created during the first blogging day has survived till now.

Fode Sanikayi Kouyaté, who was at the heart of this initiative (and who had invited me to participate in relaunching these projects) came to his own conclusions. Just before the second #blogcamp took place, the Association of Guinean Bloggers “ablogui” (“blogged”), was formed. The association's birth was followed by the creation of a committee comprised of members living both in and outside the country. Last weekend, the democratic elections for this blogging committee were held online.
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