Safaricom rolls out new M-Pesa name confirmation function

Money Transfer

M-Pesa users can now confirm the names of mobile money recipients before completing the transfer transaction.

Safaricom's new functionality, dubbed "Hakikisha" gives customers a fifteen-second window to confirm the name of the intended recipient, which pops up on the screen.

The function allows users to dial the number 1 to stop a transaction within fifteen seconds, failure to which Safaricom automatically wires the money.

However, "Hakikisha" will be suspended if no transaction is completed after five consecutive trials by typing 1.

The new enhanced function has been introduced to ensure customers no longer lose money to unintended recipients as a result of entering the wrong number.

On average, Safaricom receives 12,000 daily calls from M-Pesa customers seeking transaction reversals.

“While a majority of these are resolved successfully, we appreciate that this is a major inconvenience for our customers,” said Safaricom’s financial services director, Ms Betty Mwangi.

The pop-up feature will also apply to the Lipa Na M-Pesa pay option. M-Pesa agents will benefit from the functionality, which they will use to verify a customer's identity before depositing funds.

Safaricom has been testing the "Hakikisha" function for the last one month and will roll it out in phases to cover its 21.7 million M-Pesa customers by October 30. This new enhancement is as a result of improved system capability after the migration of M-Pesa servers to Kenya earlier this year.
Soure: Daily Nation 15 October 2015