SimbaNET, has launched SimbaSKY, an SME-based product, to enhance internet access in remote rural areas as it seeks to diversify its business.


SimbaSKY is targeted at the rapidly expanding Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) market in Kenya by offering more secure connectivity solutions for the customers.

According to the firm’s Chief Operating Officer, Tony Wood, ‘SimbaSKY will address the difficulties consumers in rural and semi-urban areas are facing when it comes to accessibility of internet and this is because the service has unlimited coverage across East Africa and beyond, which means that businesses and homes in any of those geographical locations will now get the much needed reliable and stable connectivity.”

SimbaSKY relies on VSAT/Satellite technology, KA-Band, has a variety of business and home packages available to meet the customers’ requirements.

The firm adds that SimbaSKY’s packages vary in terms of overall capacity allocated, download and upload speeds required and can also provide an unlimited capacity option should it so fit the client. Each package has an affordable fixed price which is billed monthly.

‘It is estimated that today, Kenya’s informal sector constitutes 98 percent of all businesses in the country employment growth rate of 12-14 percent, contributes 30 percent of total employment and 3 percent of GDP’. SimbaNET, via SimbaSKY, looks forward to support the growth in this crucial sector as the economy expands.
Source: Techmoran 4 November 2015