Mozambicans Start a Petition Against the High Cost of Internet


New regulations hindering internet access in Mozambique are upsetting Mozambican cybernauts and web surfers. On October 26, three key local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) hiked prices for internet access bundles by about 75%.

This followed a resolution (19/CA/INCM/2015) by the Mozambique National Communication Institute (INCM), published July 29 to cut subsidies for Mozambican ISPs (which includes financial support for data service, text messages, and voice) by 75%, with an aim to:

    Uphold an environment of unbiased regulation that ensures consolidation and [healthy] development in the competition between telecommunications operators, and safeguards the interests of consumers.

The decision impacts over 25 million Mozambicans. Thanks to the new so-called competition in the telecommunications market, prices for connections have risen. According to the Alliance for Affordable Internet, the average price for internet access in Mozambique is equivalent to half a citizen's salary at national minimum wage. Read the full story from Global Voices here: