WestconGroup introduces cloud programme


The CAP programme helps partners build better cloud-centric businesses, says Westcon's Leane Hannigan.

The CAP programme helps partners build better cloud-centric businesses, says Westcon's Leane Hannigan.
WestconGroup Southern Africa yesterday introduced a reseller-focused Cloud Acceleration Programme (CAP) to meet growing end-user needs.

The CAP programme helps partners build better cloud-centric businesses via resources and services that can mobilise their organisations in a rapidly evolving industry where a cloud-first approach is being adopted by end-users, says Westcon.

The CAP programme brings together all of the cloud resources in the Westcon business and packages them in way that will help its reseller partners quickly scale their organisations to become a cloud relevant business, said Leane Hannigan, cloud solutions director at WestconGroup Southern Africa.

The idea of the programme is to break down the barriers to cloud adoption, said Hannigan. If you break down the barriers then suddenly end users are open to the possibilities – thereby taking take their businesses to the next level, she added.

"We have brought together the technical prowess of our vendor partners, the mechanics behind our support organisation internally, the value-added distribution promise we deliver, as well as our knowledge of the local market."

Customers who join the CAP programme will have immediate access to resources that will allow them to scale their business and support their end-user customers on all cloud projects, said Hannigan.

The programme will help demystify the cloud and walk partners through the process of how the cloud forms a key part of the evolutionary roadmap that IT as a whole is undergoing, she added.

"The cloud opportunity is here. Companies who are still taking time out to navigate whether or not they should scale to the cloud will be left behind.

"Particularly as their end-user customers are already starting to talk to projects being cloud first, born in the cloud and cloud native."

According to Hannigan, it is critical that the local IT partner ecosystem is in a position to capitalise and start providing the value-added services that the cloud demands, which is exactly why the CAP programme is so important.

She believes that cloud is the foundation of what is yet to come, therefore we keep building on the foundation layer as we go through technology revolution, she said.

"The programme will enable partners to partner with WestconGroup to start their cloud journey with little upfront risk and investment from themselves, scaling along with customer demand and growth. It is a win-win situation," adds Hannigan.
Source: ITWeb 12 November 2015