CTO Secretary General praises Nigeria for election of Festus Daudu as Chair of WRC-15

GENEVA, 2 NOVEMBER 2015 – Secretary-General Shola Taylor extended his congratulations to the Government of Nigeria for election of Engr. Festus Daudu, a Nigerian citizen, as Chair of the 2015 World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15) that starts today in Geneva, Switzerland.

Over 3,800 delegates from 162 Member States and many international organisations, including the CTO, are taking part in the event. It is the first time for an African to be elected to this position in the 150 years history of the Geneva-based International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Mr Taylor also congratulated Alan Jamieson from New Zealand and Daniel Obam from Kenya, both Commonwealth citizens, as the two vice-chairmen for the Conference.

“I am delighted at the election of a Commonwealth candidate to chair this important Conference, and having known Engr Daudu for many years, I have full confidence in his ability to steer the Conference successfully, especially when considering his calm and professional disposition”, Mr Taylor said. “This is a pride to Nigeria, Africa and the Commonwealth”, he added.

Early last month, Engr. Daudu took part in the Commonwealth preparatory conference convened by the CTO in London, and which resulted in a Commonwealth Action Plan for WRC-15.

In his opening remarks, Engr. Daudu said “The decisions we take here at this Conference are critical to our Administrations, to much of the telecommunications industry, and for the many other important uses of the radio frequency spectrum. They will further promote connectivity, directly affect the lives of our citizens and have important economic impacts in each of our countries.”

“I also have to thank all the African Administrations for collectively putting my name forward and I thank my country Nigeria for given me this unique opportunity to serve the global community,” Engr Daudu said. “I must place my special thanks to one individual to whom I have been a professional colleague for many years now. He has nurtured me professionally and given me very useful advice from time to time. He encouraged me to be a leader and I am very proud of him. He is Engr. Shola Taylor, the new Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation. I salute you Mr Taylor”.

Houlin Zhao, Secretary-General of the ITU also shared his satisfaction at Engr. Daudu’s election: “Let me congratulate Festus Daudu for his nomination as chairman of WRC-15, as well as the vice-chairmen. Mr Daudu, I have every confidence in your abilities to ensure a smooth and efficient running of the conference over the four coming weeks.”

“I am confident that Festus Daudu will lead us successfully at this Conference,” added Francois Rancy, Director of the ITU’s Radiocommunication Bureau.

The Commonwealth countries will be meeting once a week during the Conference to continue to coordinate the views of Commonwealth countries during the Conference. All leaders of the 6 regional groups – the Arab Group, CITEL, APT, ATU, RCC and CEPT all expressed individually their congratulations and confidence in Engr. Daudu to lead the Conference to a successful end.
Source: Press Release