Vimpelcom officially announces takeover of Telecel by Zimbabwe government


Vimpelcom finally announced officially the takeover of its subsidiary Telecel Zimbabwe by ZARNet the Government owned ISP, for a sum of US $40 million. The current Telecel CEO, Angeline Vere, went on to advise staff in Zimbabwe of the change in ownership, that is them now being civil servants.

That the government was interested to buy Telecel Zimbabwe was first announced back in July but until late September, Vimpelcom maintained they would only sell if the price was right. Whether the $40M price makes sense for their investment into the company to date is doubtful though. The company put in $70 million just 3 years ago and is reported to have invested some $237 million since 2009.

Sensing the danger when the indigenisation pressure mounted, Vimpelcom took a more hesitant approach to injecting more money and started, in their financials, reporting the investment at cost, before making no mention of it altogether eventually. Between indigenisation, fellow shareholders (Makamba and company) that Zimbabwe’s ruling party hate for political reasons, unpaid license fees by Telecel, ousted shareholders that wanted back in (Jane Mutasa, War Veterans, Chiyangwa), Vimpelcom had little leverage.

The takeover propels ZARNet into one of the biggest tech companies locally as it already operates an ISP business, website design business as well as an IT company called Portnet Software (provides SAP consultancy) which government took over in September this year.

Source: Techzim 18 November 2015

Alcatel-Lucent's IP and optical technologies to transform TTCL's mobile and fixed access networks in Tanzania

Modernization of IP/MPLS and optical transport will allow TTCL to converge mobile and fixed access operations and meet growing demand for bandwidth with high-quality, reliable and affordable services

Alcatel-Lucent has signed a three-year frame agreement with TTCL - the Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited - under which it will modernize the operator's IP/MPLS and optical transport networks.

The Alcatel-Lucent transformation will allow TTCL to meet the growing demands of its fixed and mobile access customers for efficient, high-speed, high-quality data services in preparation for the launch of 4G LTE services.

Mobile phone use in Tanzania is currently at 75 percent of the population and growing by 20 percent each year. Following an expansion in undersea cable connectivity and the launch of the National ICT Broadband Backbone, broadband has become more accessible in the country, sparking demand for data services as well as the arrival of a number of new service providers.

Alcatel-Lucent will deploy its IP routing and 100G agile optical networking (AON) DWDM technology to transform TTCL's operations, converging fixed and mobile access on to one network, with unified management across the IP and optical layers for improved efficiencies. This will allow TTCL to meet the bandwidth needs of its 300,000 fixed network subscribers - even as data traffic increases with the expected deployment of a 4G LTE network - with high-quality, affordable services.

Phase One of the Nationwide deployment - covering major cities including the capital of Dodoma and the financial centre of Dar Es Salaam - will be completed in December 2015. Alcatel-Lucent is also providing comprehensive training and professional services expertise including site survey, design, installation, testing and commissioning activities as well as migrating services to the new platform.
Source: Press Release