Sentech to Provide Wireless Internet in South Africa


Reducing the cost of doing business in South Africa received a leg up on Friday, with President Thabo Mbeki's announcement that state-owned broadband supplier, Sentech, will become a wireless internet provider following an injection of funds.

"Accordingly, we will this year complete the licensing and operationalisation of InfraCo," President Mbeki said during his State of the Nation Address on Friday.

"Already, money has been allocated for Sentech to become a wireless internet wholesaler as well as finance its digitisation," said President Thabo Mbeki delivering his State of the Nation Address in Parliament on Friday.

InfraCo is a company which aims to stimulate greater private investment in African and Asian infrastructure development by acting as a principal project developer, focusing on lower income countries.

The President highlighted that government and the private sector has been working to complete the process to launch the Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSy) - a 9 9000km-long submarine cable between Duran and Port Sudan.