MTC Pledges N$20 000 to Xnet in Namibia


Mobile Telecommunications Ltd (MTC) last week pledged N$20 000 and 500,000 Mbps towards the Xnet Development Alliance for International Communication Technology (ICT) projects.

Officially handing over the donation, MTC's General Manager: Corporate Affairs, Albertus Aochamub, said the 500,000 Mbps will allow Xnet to connect 41 institutions, each with a 1Mbps 3G package similar to that of MTC's 3G 1000 lite product.

In addition, Xnet will be able to offer the package at N$200, half the commercial price, to its beneficiaries. In return, Xnet will earn an additional income per month, which it can use to offset its overheads.

"Therefore, the effect of this contribution will be twofold in a way that it will enable beneficiary institutions access to affordable connectivity, while Xnet will generate an additional source of income," said Aochamub.

He said additional income from beneficiary institutions would ensure that Xnet is a self-sustaining entity. To ensure self-sustainability, the general manager believes that the number of institutions connected will have to be increased.

As a result, Xnet will target small institutions that would benefit from 3G coverage as well as subsidized pricing. "At this point, these institutions still have to be identified."

Xnet is currently working with the Ministry of Education by providing connectivity to their educational institutions nationwide. He is confident that other initiatives such as Health Net would also be pursued before the end of the year.

The Xnet Development Alliance Trust (Xnet) was established in 2003 with the aim to provide affordable connectivity solutions to various under-served commercially unfeasible public sectors and institutions in the country.

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