Rwanda: Electronic Payment for Rwanda Public Buses

Money Transfer

Kigali — The tap and Go card, an electronic payment system will be used by Rwandans to pay for their transport fares.

"The coming in of this payment card is in line with the government's vision of supporting a cashless economy. We know that with our card we cannot take away cash in all sectors but we think that having transport going cashless is very key and contributes significantly to having a cashless economy," Patrick Buchana, Managing Director AC-Group said.

This electronic payment card was introduced by AC Group with support from Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA).

Buchana was speaking during a media briefing last week in Kigali to launch the use of Tap&Go card.

Also present were managment and senior officials from RURA and Kigali Bus Services (KBS) the pioneering bus operator to use the cards.

"The Tap&Go card can be topped up using the POS terminal but also using mobile phone through Mobile Money, Airtel Money or Tigo Cash. We don't stop with telecoms only but also go to the banks, so with mobile banking you will also be able to top up this card," Buchana said.

Rwandans will be able to use their phones through Mobile Money, Tigo Cash or Airtel Money to send money to the card. Five minutes span between the time someone topped up the card and the time he/she gets to the bus will be given which works conveniently for everyone.

"On the bus, the validator will already know one has topped up the card using a certain mobile channel of payment, a tap is done and payment made immediately," Buchana said.

Currently, all validators are amounted on KBS with other bus operators to come on board very soon. According to Buchana, the bus validator is equipped with GPS to be able to locate where each bus is which supports the bus operators in making very informed decisions such as how many clients are on the bus.
Source: East African Business Week