Internet deals take aim at gamers


Cape Town – Internet service provider OpenWeb has expanded an internet access package aimed at gamers and downloaders.

Home Uncapped Plus is designed to meet the market gap between cheap and pricey uncapped accounts and comes just weeks after the company launched its Everyday Capped Unshaped package.

“When we design a product, we take into account when specific users mainly use their accounts. In this instance, it was overwhelmingly after hours. More specifically, it fits into the following time slots - weekdays 19:00 to 07:00 and all weekend,” said OpenWeb chief executive Keoma Wright.

The company launched a similar offer in January this year though pricing details were different.

ISPs in South Africa have a long tradition of enforcing managing broadband networks to give priority to text-based data such as email and browsing, while relegating games and video to slow connections.

That practice may in violation of net neutrality or the principle of treating all internet traffic equally.

According to international firm Strand Consult’s Understanding Net Neutrality and Stakeholders' Arguments, net neutrality is in place in 50 countries.

OpenWeb said that the Plus packages are aimed rich media consumers.

“OpenWeb has placed a special focus on the afterhours time slot, giving its Home Uncapped Plus clients priority during these times which will allow them to download, stream and game without worry,” OpenWeb said.

The package pricing starts at R129 and tops out at R999 per month.
Source: Fin24 10 December 2015