Issue 391: Nigeria: Much scepticism about OPLC project

I have been enjoying reading your news updates very much. They are usually well researched and give great insights into the African point of view.

While the latter is still true about Efem Nkanga's article, it is singularly badly researched. The title says it all! Efem Nkanga seems to have taken as much care in investigating the OLPC project and Intel's pull out from it as he does in copy-reading important parts of his work.

Further, the real plight of the children in decaying schools - and we have plenty right here in the Eastern Cape - is that their imagination and thirst for knowledge is not heeded. While educators worry about desks and seats to sit on, children in these schools desperately need water, food and knowledge - in that order. Desks and school uniforms - while traditionally important in schools here as much as in Nigeria - are really only crucial for learning in as far as the educators (the absolutely crucial part of the learning process) require them. In the future, thinking hardware will be much more important than these traditional trappings.

Ron Wertlin
South Africa