Somaliland to get LTE Network through a partnership deal with Somcable, Alepo and Airspan


Alepo, a provider of network and IT software solutions for global communications service providers, has announced a partnership deal with Somcable, a major communications service provider in East Africa, to launch LTE in Somaliland. Alepo completed the LTE project in collaboration with Airspan.

Somcable has deployed the LTE-Advanced network alongside a fiber optic network (GPON), which will enable Somcable to offer high-speed, fixed and mobile broadband services to commercial and residential customers.
Alepo has provided a convergent online charging and billing platform (Alepo OCS, Alepo Service Enabler) to support the most sophisticated and flexible data plans for both LTE and fiber services.

“Somcable is dedicated to improving the lives of the citizens of Somaliland with the most robust and innovative telecommunications services,” said Abdourahman Mohamed, CEO of Somcable. “A combined LTE-Advanced solution from Alepo and Airspan gives us the foundation we need to expand our services into new mobile broadband markets and technologies in ways that connect and empower our region.”

More recently, Somcable entered into an agreement with Alepo to include a policy control solution that has enabled LTE network monetization immediately upon launch.

With Alepo PCRF Somcable is generating additional revenues by creating subscription plans that are tailored to low-income internet users (unemployed persons and students), households consisting of adults, professional independent business people, local NGO’s and small businesses such as travel agencies.
Source: Techmoran 8 January 2016