Nigeria: Uber to accept cash payments

Money Transfer

According to a report via, Uber will launch a cash payment experiment in Lagos, Nigeria on Monday January 18, 2016. The report reveals that, in order to pay via cash, Uber app users can now select the cash payment option within the app. Once at their destination, the Uber user will simply hand over the fare to the driver.

The report reveals that Lagos was selected for a cash experiment because it provided Uber with the right environment to test a cash payment option amongst a sizeable and sophisticated rider and driver community. Uber is encouraging all riders to make use of the service and give feedback, as information gained from riders is what will will make this a successful test. So riders are encouraged to ride and share their feedback with Uber at or on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #UberCashLagos.

The report further states that some users will not have access to the feature as of yet. This is due to the new payment option being rolled out over the next few weeks.
Source ITNews Africa 15 January 2016