Angola: Unitel to launch VoLTE with SRVCC in Angola


UNITEL in Angola has successfully completed the first call through the LTE network (VoLTE – Voice over LTE) with continuity of the call in case of handover, i.e. start the call on the 4G network and move to 2G/3G network without any interruption (SRVCC), a move set to provide higher quality voice calls using its extensive 4G network.

Once launched commercially, VoLTE will offer several advantages to UNITEL customers, such as voice calls in High Definition, reduced call setup time, the ability to use data and voice simultaneously in LTE network and optimize the lifetime of the smartphone’s battery.

Amilcar Safeca, the CTO of UNITEL commented, “This is an innovative solution, with clear advantages for UNITEL’s customers, that also improves the efficiency of the network. This solution is in line with our continuous focus on delivering high quality innovative services to our customers”.

VoLTE technology is available in high-end handsets of most leading vendors. In addition, UNITEL will expand its own, very popular “Laranja” branded handsets to include Voice over LTE technology.

Unitel, as the mobile market leader in Angola, committed to offer the best and most innovative technology to its customers, is the first mobile operator to introduce VoLTE with SRVCC in Africa, becoming part of the small group of global operators that commercially launch the Voice over LTE.

The commercial launch of VoLTE is planned for the first quarter of 2016.
Source: Extensia 28 January 2016