Senegal: Macky Sall calls for sanctions against Sonatel Tigo and Expresso


According to sources quoted Dakar News, Macky Sall, President of Senegal, asked the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ARTP) for sanctions against Sonatel mobile phone operators, Tigo and Expresso. The Head of State expressed his anger against those telecom companies, January 20, 2016, at the Council of Ministers ruled inadmissible their joint boycott of the call for applications for the acquisition of 4G licenses.

Dakar News points out, again according to his sources, the President requested that the three operators in the country to be excluded from the new call for applications to be launched shortly for the award of the license 4G . This call will be open to international telecom operators.

The State of Senegal 30 billion CFA demand for 4G license valid for 20 years. Telecom operators consider the amount too high. Sonatel, said the amount requested by the telecom regulator and the conditions fixed around the 4G in Senegal “fail to create value for the company.” The company estimates the value of the 4G license in Senegal to 14.5 billion CFA francs.

Senegal Consumers’ Association President, Momar Ndao said, in an interview with the newspaper Rewmi Daily, that for Sonatel “makes a turnover of 816 billion or more than 2 billion 235 million CFA francs a day, and an operating profit of 316 billion. The CFAF 30 billion over 20 years demanded by the State for the acquisition of 4G does not constitute a difficulty. This is a drop in the ocean “.
Source: EcoFin