Canal + will provide the Internet via the electrical wiring


Canal + in Benin has introduced a new way of providing the Internet. It will be done through the network of the Beninese Electric Power Company (SBEE). The partnership agreement signed between the two sides this Jan. 21, 2016, provides for the operation of infrastructure CanalBox Benin, a unit of Canal + in the country.

The Internet will be first provided in the Beninese capital; then the service will be extended to all the cities of Benin. “Our ambition is to mesh the entire city of Cotonou, in Benin and gradually, a fiber optic network that will enable end users to benefit Internet very high speed “explained the CEO of Canal + Benin, Adrien Executioner. He stated that the experience of providing Internet via the electrical wiring has already proven itself in Brazil.

By being partner in the project, SBEE receive a royalty on the use of its infrastructure. In addition, the company will benefit from georeferencing of its power poles. There it will be possible to know the number of electric poles and their precise location in the network. Furthermore, SBEE can perform more easily the connections of subscribers. The director general of the electricity company, Camille Kpogbémabou, welcomed no investment is required.
Source: Extensia  26 January 2016