South Africa: Fibre breaks down Seacom once again


Seacom services between Africa and Europe went offline again on Thursday after fresh cable breaks in Egypt cut off African Internet users in East Africa and Southern Africa.

It’s the second time in a week that terrestrial cable breaks in Egypt have disrupted the Seacom route. Seacom connects South Africa and countries along Africa’s eastern shoreline with continental Europe. The system also has a spur to India.

In a statement dated 9.45am South African time, Seacom said it was experiencing a “critical outage” that meant its services had been unavailable since 8am South African time.

“Seacom is experiencing multiple outages on the terrestrial network across Egypt. All our international connectivity through Egypt has been affected…”

It said repair teams are already on site. “Seacom continues to monitor the situation closely and will provide necessary updates.”

Exactly a week ago, on 21 January, multiple cable faults, one in the UK affecting the West Africa Cable System and two in Egypt affecting Seacom, left millions of consumers with degraded or even nonexistent Internet access.
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