She Will Connect: Intel Connecting Women to Bridge Africa's Gender Gap


Intel and its partners, NGOs working in the field of women and technology including CARE, ChangeCorp,, World Pulse, and World Vision, will collaborate to transform women's and girls' lives and livelihoods in Africa through increased access to and use of the Internet, reducing the gender and technology gap in sub-Saharan Africa by 5 million young women over the next three years. It has been proven that, through increased connectivity, young women are able to access health, government, and educational information, economic opportunities, gender-specific resources, and news - and that they benefit from the information, knowledge, and connections available on the web. As a result of this effort, these five million young women will have the opportunity to acquire or improve digital literacy skills and expand their understanding and use of technology. Consequently, these young women will be able to increase their income, receive a better education, enhance their political participation, and have a stronger voice in their communities.

This collaboration brings together NGOs with strong gender, ICT, and development programming expertise, content for women, computing infrastructure, and a history of providing digital literacy training. In each country, Intel has many different NGOs and government partners who they will partner with on the ground.
Source: 27 January 2016