Twitter brings Trending Tweets & Moments to Users Not Logged in


Not long after reports about Twitter experimenting with a Timeline-Moments hybrid have surfaced, the popular microblogging platform rolled out an update which allows certain groups of users to check out groups of trending tweets and Moments in general without logging in or having a Twitter account in the first place. As the company’s spokesperson explained yesterday, Twitter wants to make popular content available to all of its visitors regardless of whether they’re logged in or not or if they’re even registered users. This isn’t surprising considering how there are over half a billion people visiting the platform every day, and given how bandwidth obviously isn’t an issue for Twitter, this seems like a pretty straightforward way for the company to grow its user base – give people some of the convenient features registered users have and after they see something they want to comment on or share, there’s a chance they’ll register on their own.

The update is currently live for users in the US, UK, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Japan, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, South Africa, and Taiwan. Mobile users in these countries will now be able to easily discover popular stories and conversations developing on Twitter in real time when they visit the platform’s homepage, i.e. This will be accomplished via the already mentioned trending tweets groups. Twitter also announced that simultaneously with these changes, the aforementioned countries will now be able to access the latest version of its desktop homepage which has already been available in the US since last April. As American users already know, the refreshed homepage grants everyone the ability to explore and discover trending topics in real-time, some of which are based on their location and previous Twitter activity even if they’re not logged in. In other words, it’s cookies’ magic.

It’s interesting to see how Twitter’s focus regarding user experience has shifted in the last 12 months. Exactly a year ago, the company was trying to come up with a way to make its microblogging platform more appealing to brand new users when it was experimenting with the Instant-Timeline feature. Today, it’s thinking about ways to pull in people who aren’t even registered yet, but are just visiting. In any case, there’s little doubt that this will only solidify Twitter’s position as one of the top news sources on the planet given how there are already tens of millions of people using the popular social network on a daily basis solely for their fix of most recent news.
Source: Android Headlines 3 February 2016