Nigeria: MTN Picks Gemalto for Roll-Out of Mobile Connect Service

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MTN Nigeria has picked digital security company Gemalto to provide it with its mobile ID platform, the MTN Token.

This new project marks the first commercial roll-out of SIM-based services delivering convenient mobile authentication for all mobile users.

MTN said that in compliance with the latest GSMA standards, the 'MTN Token' is available immediately to MTN Nigeria's 70 million subscribers and positions the operator as the country's foremost provider of secure digital identification and authentication.

MTN Token offers its users a universal digital ID, combined with a mobile-based second factor authentication, for easy and secure web service access, payments and financial transactions validation. When using MTN Token for eCommerce, banking, insurance, ePublic and corporate networks services, the user's mobile phone number is employed as the username.

Depending on the level of protection required by the service provider, the process is completed by simply pressing 'OK' on the handset, or entering a unique user-selected PIN code.

The leading mobile phone operator informed that any service provider in Nigeria can now easily adopt the MTN Token services to dramatically strengthen protection of online services against identity theft and cybercrime.

"With the launch of the MTN Token, we are the first private provider of secure online identity and positioned as a warrant of digital ID and authentication in Nigeria," said A'isha Umar Mumuni, General Manager, Products & Innovation at MTN Nigeria.
Source: Daily Trust 10mFebruary 2016