Tanzania: New frequencies for auctioning to boost services


Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) will auction new frequencies acquired at the World Radio Communication Conference (WRC) for improved mobile broadband, it was disclosed.

Opening the national frequency stakeholders’ meeting held in Dar es Salaam on the resolution of the WRC held in Switzerland, TCRA Director General, Dr Ally Simba, said the new system of auctioning frequencies is aimed at bringing transparency.

“Previously, we were giving the frequency as per application, but this time around, they will be auctioned and we will ensure that they will be used for the intended goals to improve the economy,” he said.

He said the auctioning system is common in many countries and those who will be awarded the frequencies will be obliged to use them for the intended goals. TCRA, he said is finalising the logistics of the auction and will make it public after all procedures are completed.

The state-run communication regulator has acquired new frequencies in 694-790 megahertz, 1427-1492 megahertz, and 3300-3600 megahertz for mobile broadband as well as mobile frequencies to create network, specifically for disaster management.
Source: Daily News 10 February 2016