iBurst launches ADSL, HSDPA Broadband service offer in South Africa


iBurst has started to offer ADSL and HSDPA services with the advantage of ADSL bandwidth rollover.

iBurst stated that they were going to become a network agnostic provider of fixed and wireless broadband services and their announcement that they will now resell ADSL and HSDPA services falls in line with their future plans.

“We have always looked at the needs of potential broadband subscribers and made unbiased recommendations as to which access technologies would suit them best. The difference today is that we can recommend and sell iBurst Wireless, iBurst ADSL and iBurst HSDPA,” said Thami Mtshali, CEO of iBurst.

iBurst says that its repositioning recognises that telecommunications is rapidly becoming a generic utility similar to water and electricity. “Broadband consumers are primarily interested in their needs being met and not in which technology meets those needs,” said Mr Mtshali.

iBurst’s ADSL prices are higher than most ‘independent’ ISPs like Axxess, but compare favourably with larger players like Telkom Internet and MWEB. Axxess charges R 59.00 for a 1 GB month-to-month account while its 10 GB accounts retail for at R 599.00. This is significantly lower than iBurst’s R 89.00 and R 719.00 respectively. For HSDPA, iBurst’s prices are in line with other offerings in the market.

Mr Mtshali concluded: “Being able to offer three different broadband access options is ultimately an extension of iBurst’s commitment to customer service.”