Ghana’s School Authorities Asked to Regulate Children's Usage of Internet


President John Agyekum Kufuor has called on school authorities and teachers to be cautious in exposing children to the internet.

He said the internet did not discriminate in information transmitted and asked managers of the facility to do the differentiation.

The President said it was gratifying to note that the first phase of a project in the town comprised the provision of nursery, primary schools, and an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as well as staff accommodation was funded through resources provided by Naachia Plant Pool, the Methodist Church, philanthropists and the people of Hemang community.

President Kufuor said "it is only when our children have access to relevant quality education that the momentum of development will truly keep pace with national aspirations and progress. Quality education also impacts positively on the health, welfare and general well-being of all",

Accra Mail