South Africa: Who MTN will reimburse for network outage


Details have emerged of how MTN intends honouring its promise to reimburse customers affected by network service outages between Sunday and Tuesday this week.

The company said on Wednesday afternoon that it will only reimburse clients who purchased an MTN one-day data bundle during the two days when the network problems occurred and who have not utilised these bundles due to the outage.

“The rationale behind this is that a number of customers had purchased MTN one-day data bundles which they could not use … during the duration of the outage,” the company said.

“MTN subscribers who will be recompensed have the option of choosing the hour they wish to utilise the 1GB data bundles that MTN will be offering as reparation.”

An MTN spokesman explained that most customers buy a 20MB one-day bundle, so the 1GB offered is significantly more value, even though consumers have to use it within an hour of activating it (normal expiry for one-day bundles is 24 hours).

“Qualifying customers will receive a notification about the compensation from MTN, including details of how to activate the 1GB bundle.”

The company said it did not intend to offering reparations to other customers affected by the network outage, which was cause by a malfunctioning network node.
Source: Techcentral 17 February 2016