Kenya's E-citizen portal hits 1.23 million


The e-Citizen portal has grown tremendously since it was launched in 2014. So far,1.23 million Kenyans have registered on the portal up from 400,000 Kenyans as at June 2015, while 2.4 billion shillings have been collected.

In June 2015, there was over 8,000 transactions made averaging to a total revenue collection of about Kshs 10 million daily.

Currently, 41 services are live on the portal among them; the land rent payments, immigration services, the National Hospital Insurance Fund, National Social Security Fund and Higher Education Loans Board remittances.

In June, The Government had announced that they had programmed to digitize at least 100 inbound payment service transactions by end of 2015 in order to hasten service delivery, reduce transaction cost and safeguard revenue. Priority areas included; payments for business registration, land transaction services, motor vehicle and additional services under the registration of persons, including, birth and death certificates.

Launched in 2014, eCitizen is the one-stop portal for Government information and services. eCitizen pioneered the concept of providing cross-agency, citizen-centric information and services, to help Kenyan Citizens complete their transactions conveniently. eCitizen is an initiative by the Ministry of Finance and is managed by the ICT Authority of Kenya(IDA).

The portal is also organised to serve citizens needs without you having to know which government agency is responsible for a particular service, policy or programme.
Source: CIO East Africa 10 February 2016