Nigeria’s Fantsuam pioneers wireless service dubbed Zittnet


Veteran Nigerian ICT NGO Fantsuam Foundation is running a rural wireless initiative called Zittnet, enabled by a partnership between IT +46, a Swedish based consultancy company focusing on ICT's for development and funding by the International Development Research Centre of Canada IDRC.

The main objective of the wireless Zittnet network is to improve access to communications in the Kafanchan community by implementing a community wireless network that will provide Intranet and Internet access to local partners in the community. The community network is formed by community based organisations such as educational institutions, faith based institutions, health services, small enterprises and individuals.

To ensure that the community gets the best of the Zittnet wireless system, it was equipped with a stable power backup system that would not depend in any way on power provision from the authorities which is almost non existent. To ensure consistent service, a hybrid system consisting of a deep cycle battery bank and two KWp solar panels which can be charged from three different sources, from NEPA when electricity is available, a diesel generator and a solar.

Its NOC currently runs on solar energy, while the rest of its premises on NEPA power or its generator though the battery bank tanks provides uninterrupted voltage stability. The NOC load has been separated from the rest of the power load of to ensure a reliable power source to the critical infrastructure in the NOC even when the battery bank is running low on power.

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