Bankers to gather for Technology Conference in February

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Over 50 expert speakers, 10 sponsoring companies, 40 exhibiting companies, five Masterclasses, an intensive three-day conference and a full-day course in innovative banking will all add up to an event that is going to have a major impact on Africa’s finance sector: The African Banking Technology Conference, to be held in Nairobi over 15-22 February 2008 at the region’s top conference venue, the Kenyatta International Conference centre.

The conference is being held by AITEC Africa, the continent’s leading organizer of ICT events and training courses. Asked about the potential impact of the current political crisis in Kenya on the conference, John Mwangi, MD of AITEC East Africa, said: “As tragic as the current political crisis is in Kenya, we believe it is necessary for the business community to demonstrate its resilience in the face of such difficulties, thus sustaining individual business levels as well as the national economy. So we are resolved to continue with the Banking Technology Conference as scheduled. It is an important opportunity for Kenya’s business community to reassert its economic leadership position in the region – and Nairobi as a conference destination. The situation is steadily improving in Kenya and we are confident the conference will be held in an atmosphere of restored stability and business confidence.”

The conference was last held in Nairobi in February last year and has become the leading forum for the continent’s banking industry to share knowledge on latest technological innovations and best practices across the region and internationally.

One of the keynote speakers at the conference is Joe DiVanna from the UK, a world-renowned speaker, author and consultant on a range of key issues in banking he will kick off the six-day event with a full-day “Mini-MBA” course on Innovative Banking. The event includes the following five optional Masterclasses by industry gurus:

• “Project Management for Effective Systems Implementation” by Tan Chee Peng, CEO of Team Synthesis, which operates in Mauritius & Singapore.

• “Implementing IT vulnerability management in practice within financial institutions” by Maiendra Moodley, former security adviser at the South African Reserve Bank.

• “An Executive Guide to Back Office System Selection” by Mark Sibthorpe, President of BankNews in Canada.

• “Strategies for servicing semi-formal and informal financial institutions: how banks increase reach in under-banked market segments” by Ben Davis, a Senior Associate at Genesis Analytics in South Africa.

• “The three legs of an anti-fraud strategy” by Patrick Cunningham, Executive Director of the South African Anti-Fraud Service.

The main three-day conference will focus on the following key themes:

• Software and systems for productivity and security

• Payment systems: eBanking, cards, ATMs and POS (point of sale) systems

• Banking the unbanked, microfinance systems, mobile banking

Dr Simon Batchelor of Gamos Consulting in the UK, who has recently completed a comprehensive Balancing Act study on mobile payment projects in Africa, will do a workshop on “Mobile phone-enabled payment systems”.

Leading international and local suppliers of banking technology are backing the conference with leading-edge conference presentations by expert speakers and sponsorship support. Kenya’s Paynet Group is the lead sponsor of the event. Co-sponsors are Technology Associates, Transaction Payment Systems, Postilion and Simba Technology. The “Banking the unbanked” day of the conference is being sponsored by Upaid of the UK, who specialize in mobile payment solutions.

Other leading banking solution suppliers are sponsoring the following Showcase Presentations in the conference:

• The industry’s first truly integrated, global and modular multi-channel remote banking solution by Clear2Pay of France.

• The mobile device as next generation channel for banks by Clickatell of South Africa.

• The frontiers of payment technologies by iVeri of South Africa.

• Challenges in core system implementation by Maveric Independent Testing of India

• Payment technologies by NCR.

• Making more profitable credit decisions utilising credit scoring by PIC Solutions of South Africa.

• AML compliance in practices across Africa by Western Union.