Internet News - In Brief


- According to research company BMI-TechKnowledge, the number of people with broadband internet connectivity in South Africa should climb to 3.3-million by 2012, making up 7% of the population, research has shown. That represents an annual growth rate of about 33% for the next five years, up from just 746,000 broadband users now

- Technology services company AccessKenya has more than doubled its bandwidth capacity in the past 10 months to keep pace with growing demand from the corporate sector. A statement from the company said it had grown its international bandwidth to 250Mbps from 100Mbps in January giving it enough room to install three international links (uplinks) for streaming in of data from outside the country.

- Coffee producers may soon have additional market opportunities as industry regulator Coffee Board of Kenya explores online connectivity to buyers abroad.

In a concept dubbed e-marketing, CBK anticipates to establish linkages to speciality markets, especially in the US, beginning February through the touch of a button.

- Access to the website Facebook has been blocked in Mauritius for over half a day following an order from the regulator, ICTA . According to the regulator, the website was hosting contents of defamatory nature against Prime Minister Ravin Ramgoolam.

- Kenya Airways is now allowing its passengers to check-in online.